Key supplier for leading Energy, Oil & Gas companies of the world

Energy, Oil & Gas industries

With its wealth of experience in precision engineering, UPECA is advancing its capabilities extensively in serving its world-renowned customers.

Having manufacturing sites in strategic locations in Malaysia (Shah Alam) and China (Tianjin), UPECA is well positioned to meet the engineering and supply chain demands from customers around the globe.

UPECA is continuously advancing its core competencies by bringing the right talents as well as in committing on-going investments for its manufacturing facilities. In doing so, UPECA is at the forefront in providing the best solutions to customers with speed and effectiveness. To date, UPECA has invested in some of the best machines in its class and a sizable technical and supply chain talent pool to support the customer fulfilment processes.

Through the internal engineering competence, supported by a network of technology partners, UPECA has demonstrated its success in being the key supplier for many leading Energy, Oil & Gas companies of the world.

With manufacturing sites strategically located at Shah Alam, Malaysia and Tianjin, China, we are well positioned to meet your machining, engineering and supply chain demands.