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Engineering Capabilities

UPECA’s first major venture into oil and gas industry started in 2003, with the setting up of a dedicated plant to serve a leading US process management company. in 2007, UPECA made another breakthrough in securing a leading position in supplying to the Oilfield Services sector.

The Energy, Oil & Gas sector’s demand varies from “high mix low volume” in down-hole applications to relatively “low mix high volume” in some of the flow control precision machined components. Our plant has a broad range of advanced machineries and capabilities include: 5-axis & 9-axis Turn-Mill, 5-axis Milling, precision CNC Turning, Vertical and Horizontal Milling, CNC Hobbing, Broaching, Honing, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) & Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) qualified by our customers. To complement these advanced machining capabilities, we have Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and Gagemaker to inspect close tolerance components’ of standard and critical characteristic requirement. These advanced equipment are operated by highly experienced and qualified machinists, inspectors and specialise personnel.

Our skilled Engineering team supports the above-mentioned capabilities and to meet the varying demand of the business on faster response and short delivery lead time to the customers. The Engineering team develops streamlining manufacturing processes, using CAD/CAM (Siemens-UG, MasterCam, Mazak Matrix CAM, SurfCam and SpaceClaim) software for programming and modelling solutions and prepare new First Article (FA) items collaboration with customers in the shortest time possible. To ensure our processes are efficient and effective at all time, our engineers are constantly engaged in continual improvement activities at the operations.

In line with Senior’s strategy, we deploy the “Senior Operating System” to drive operation excellence revolving around the LEAN manufacturing principles. We work closely with reputable cutting tools and machines suppliers to adopt machining processes design and concept, with the objective to provide the most effective setup, shortest machining cycle time, optimized quality above customer needs with that full scale consistent and stable production.

For production process improvement, together with our main customers, the engineering team together with other cross-functional teams, also drive the implementation of lean manufacturing activities such as Kanban, and Kaizen circle activities to reduce delivery lead-time and elimination of non-value added activities.

We work as partners with our key vendors in development of new components and processes for customers by exchanging and providing technical support and improving ideas with them.

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