Leading provider of High Precision Machining and Turnkey manufacturing services

Manufacturing Capabilities

a) Machining from various type of materials, aluminium, titanium, steel
b) Sheet metal fabrication
c) Surface treatment
d) Magnetic Particle & Penetrant Flaw Detection Non-Destructive Test
e) Chemical processing
f) Shot peening
g) Sub and detail assembly
h) Kitting

MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES: Click the images above to view larger images and browse the gallery.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

At UPECA, we invest in the latest CNC machines that best fit the manufacturing needs of our customer’s exacting requirements. The capabilities of our CNC machines have evolved over the years and will be expanded in the future according to the work package awarded to us.

Based on existing facility, the maximum sizes of parts that we can machine are as follows:

  • Vertical Turning is diameter of 122cm (48 inch) and length of 99cm (39 inch)
  • Horizontal Turning is diameter of 81 cm (32 inch) and length of 348 cm (137 inch)
  • Vertical Milling is 81 cm (32 cm) by 203cm (80 inch)
  • Horizontal Milling is 99cm (39 inch) by 99cm (39 inch)

In addition to CNC machining, UPECA invests in special purpose machines or processes that are critical to our customers’ requirements. Some of these in-house special process capabilities are:

  • Hone
  • Weld
  • Hobbing
  • Threading
  • Soldering
  • Electro-Mechanical assembly
  • Leak test

Highlights of Our Machines

Secondary Process Capability
Almost all the surface treatment and inspection services are performed by local outside vendors that have been qualified by our customers.

  • Assembly – Electro-mechanical assembly, in building wire harness and cable assemblies certified to IPC/WHMA-A-620 workmanship and soldering standards
  • Threading – API, Buttress, ACME, VAM, FOX and HYDRIL
  • Coating – Carburizing, induction hardening, QPQ, phosphate, copper plating, molybdenum, techlube PT-14, XYLAN, chromiumoxide Cr203, Nedox®, Magnaplate®, Armoloy®,chromate conversion, anodizing, shot peening and painting
  • NDT – Dye Penetrant, Positive Material Identification and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • Welding – TIG, SMAW, MIG & PTA on joining / Fabrication / Cladding and Hardfacing welding services in accordance with ASME IX qualification

Material Capability
UPECA works with a wide range of materials from solid bar stock, tube, plates and extrusion to castings. Below are the more common range that we have worked with:

  • Stainless Steel – SA 479 Grade 316 (all P-No 8), S13800 S17400, S15500
  • Carbon Steel – UNS G10180 (SA 105 & P-No 1)
  • Superalloy – UNS N06625 (P-No 43), Duplex UNS S31803, Super Duplex UNS S32750 (P-No10H), Stellite 6 & Colmonoy-4,
  • Inconel® – Nickel Alloy 625, 718, 925
  • Brass, Bronze & Copper – Nickel Aluminum Bronze C63000, Beryllium Copper, ToughMet 3AT 110

Electro-Mechanical Assembly
UPECA provides comprehensive range of complex OEM turnkey electro-mechanical assembly services for oilfield companies, which mainly focusing in upstream, downhole equipment. Our product portfolio includes Wire-harness, Connectors, and Housings Assembly meant for Measurement/Logging While Drilling (MWD/LWD) tools. We work closely with our clients to develop detailed and work instructions to ensure we build a quality product every single time. We can assemble from simple product that only require a single connector-wire to complex products that necessitate multiple cable arrangements, specific torque requirements and mechanical build.

Our hand soldering technicians are highly trained individuals, certified to IPC/WHMA-A-620B. Within ESD workstations, our technicians are equipped with appropriate tools to assemble the challenging product configurations.

Processes involve such as:

  • Soldering
  • Wire insulation stripping
  • Wire placement
  • Crimping
  • Sleeving/Shrink tubing
  • Molding/Potting

MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES: Click the images above to view larger images and browse the gallery.

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